Using Direct(ed) Giving to Maintain Industry Solidarity:

For one reason or another, VMAPAC giving my not be the preferred method of giving. In this case members may choose to give directly to their candidates’ campaign fund. The drawback to giving direct versus giving to the VMAPAC is the loss of industry-wide solidarity and recognition. To address this the VMA PAC has developed alternative ways to give directly to candidates, while maintaining some of the benefits of giving through the PAC. We call these methods Direct(ed) Giving .  

In direct giving (giving directly to a candidate’s campaign fund), campaign finance reports reflect the giving person or company’s information as a matter of public record through the Virginia Public Access Project. Through Direct(ed) Giving, this remains true. The difference is that candidates more closely associate that gift to the entire industry rather than solely to a single company or individual. The goals of the VMAPAC, to keep Richmond accountable and Virginia manufacturing competitive, may be achieved through these Direct(ed) Giving methods: 

The VMA may hand-deliver checks to candidates on behalf of donor members. A companion letter from your organization is recommended to convey your support.

Language crediting the gift to VMA Membership or the candidate’s score on the VMA’s annual Virginia Legislative Competitiveness Scorecard can be added to a companion letter sent with the gift. This connects the gift to the manufacturing industry as a whole. 

 Language Examples: 

  “As a VMA Member…” 

 “In recognition of your score on the VMA Virginia Legislative Competativeness Scorecard…”