Advocating for Manufacturing Competitiveness
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VMAPAC (Virginia Manufacturers Association Political Action Committee) is the political action group organized by the Virginia Manufacturers Association for the purpose of financially supporting those candidates for election to the Virginia General Assembly who share a common belief in the free enterprise system and who recognize that all Virginians benefit from a favorable business climate.

VMAPAC is designed not only to assist business-oriented incumbents, but to encourage well-qualified new candidates, regardless of party affiliation, to run for the Virginia General Assembly.

VMAPAC is a non-profit corporation drawing bipartisan support from business and industrial organizations and individuals who have a sincere interest in good government and a firm belief in the private enterprise system.

Yes! VMAPAC is not structured to solicit for or contribute to federal election campaigns, so it may receive unlimited contributions from corporations, individuals, and other organizations including PACs.

VMAPAC‘s Board of Directors and Officers are members of the VMA Board and the VMA staff. Solicitation of funds and contributions to candidates is their responsibility. VMAPAC will expend funds in support of candidates and officeholders who can make a favorable impact through their legislative leadership and activity.

The maintenance of a healthy business environment in Virginia depends on the makeup of the General Assembly. VMAPAC will support candidates who understand and appreciate the importance of business and industry to Virginia’s economy. VMAPAC will take an active role in the election of Delegates and Senators or statewide candidates who can build and maintain a business climate that encourages economic growth.

Virginia Manufacturing Competitiveness Plan

Advanced technology industries, such as manufacturing, are essential to the United States of America and Virginia economies. Due to the global nature of manufacturing, industry is susceptible to the increasing costs of taxation, energy, regulation, and more. Virginia has an opportunity to reinforce and improve its position as a national leader in manufacturing. VMA publishes the annual Virginia Manufacturing Competitiveness Plan to guide its advocacy strategy and educate political leaders.

Congratulations to the 2021 Recipients of the VMAPAC Industrial STrength Leadership Award


100% | Senate District 38


93% | Senate District 22

Senator Amanda Chase

90% | Senate District 11

Senator John Cosgrove Jr.

90% | Senate District 14


90% | Senate District 12

Senator Jen Kiggans

90% | Senate District 7

Senator Ryan McDougle

90% | Senate District 4

Delegate Carrie Coyner

89% | House District 62

Delegate Joe Mcnamara

89% | House District 8

Delegate Buddy Fowler Jr.

88% | House District 55

Delegate Lee WARE

88% | House District 65

Delegate Rob Bloxom Jr.

86% | House District 100

Delegate Glenn Davis Jr.

86% | House District 84

Delegate Chris Runion

86% | House District 25

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