2024 Virginia Manufacturing Competitiveness plan

Advanced technology industries, such as manufacturing, are essential to the United States of America and Virginia economies. Due to the global nature of manufacturing, industry is susceptible to the increasing costs of taxation, energy, regulation, and more. Virginia has an opportunity to reinforce and improve its position as a national leader in manufacturing. VMA publishes the annual Virginia Manufacturing Competitiveness Plan to guide its advocacy strategy and educate political leaders.

2024 Virginia Legislative Competitiveness Scorecard

Transparency is essential to understanding the actions of legislators. The annual Virginia Legislative Competitiveness Scorecard is an annual publication scoring members of the Virginia General Assembly on their votes on high-priority legislation impacting Virginia’s manufacturing competitiveness. The VMAPAC utilizes the scorecard to determine the recipients of their annual legislative awards – the Industrial Strength Leadership Award and Manufacturing Competitiveness Certificate.


The VMA Legislative Wrap-Up Report is produced annually to detail the highlights of each Virginia Legislative Session. It is intended to give the reader a concise understanding of the Legislative Session from the “30,000 Foot” point of view.

VPAP: Money in Politics

The Money in Politics Report, compiled by the Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP), assesses the bulk of its campaign finance data from the Virginia Department of Elections, thus providing the most comprehensive and bipartisan view of how money flows into elections in the Commonwealth.