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PAC contributions support a comprehensive political mobilization program. The foundation of program is to Support Those That Support You™.  This is accomplished through voting reports, awards and recognition, exclusive VIP events, and direct or directed financial support to legislators and candidates for state offices.  

VMAPAC resources support publishing the  Virginia Legislative Competitiveness Scorecard, which better enables the VMAPAC  and members to identify and support the legislators based upon their votes for pro-manufacturing legislation. VMAPAC  funds also support the Industrial Strength Leadership Award that is given to legislators earning the top 3 votes scores in both the House and Senate. The Legislative Competitiveness Certificate  is also awarded to all legislators who vote in line with our priorities 70+% of the time each legislative session.  

VMAPAC Contributor Benefits

There are benefits to contributing to the VMAPAC  over giving directly to a legislator’s campaign. Giving to the PAC over giving directly to a campaign can offer a level of insulation and anonymity that direct giving does not afford.   

The VMAPAC offers the additional benefit of access to VIP Exclusive Events with legislators outside of session. 

These kinds of events may include: 

1) Using the contributor’s location for a VIP Event to present Industrial Strength Leadership Awards 

2) Attendance with VMA Staff at a legislator event to present Industrial Strength Leadership Awards

3) Preference for a variety of other private VIP events and opportunities with legislators 

There are two ways to use PAC gifts: 

1)  Traditional PAC Contribution: giving to the general PAC funds. These funds we use strategically and in accordance with the  Scorecard results to support pro-manufacturing incumbents and candidates.

2)   Designated PAC Contributions: giving contributions through the PAC that are intended for a specific legislator or activity.   


The VMAPAC  can receive funds from individuals, companies, and other PACs.