Understanding the VMAPAC Virginia Legislative Competitiveness Scorecard…

The Virginia Legislative Competitiveness Scorecard (“Scorecard”) works like a school report card. It grades each legislator on their votes on select VMA priority and defensive priority bills during the most recent Virginia General Assembly session. Their “vote score” is calculated like any school test score, without any weighting, to give them their A-F grade.  

 The VMA and VMAPAC use the “Scorecard” to determine the winners of the Industrial Strength Leadership Award and Legislative Competitiveness Certificate , and to prioritize political contributions. The VMA PAC recommends that all VMA members and allies do the same. 

 This method of scoring legislators is not a blanket endorsement of any candidate or political party, but it is an honored designation to identify Virginia Delegates and Senators who demonstrate exceptional support for Virginia manufacturing.   

The Industrial Strength Leadership Award is given each year to the top 3 vote scores in both the Virginia House of Delegates and the Senate of Virginia.

The Legislative Competitiveness Certificate is awarded annually to legislators in both the Virginia House of Delegate and Senate of Virginia who receive a vote score of 70% (C) or better on the annual scorecard.

2022 Virginia Legislative Competitiveness Scorecard

Transparency is essential to understanding the actions of legislators. The Virginia Legislative Competitiveness Scorecard will better inform members how frequently each legislator votes for manufacturing competitiveness. Scoring is based on votes involving select VMA Priority and Defensive Priority bills. Legislators are given credit for voting for the VMA position, and penalized for voting against it. All legislators scoring 70% (C) or better are honored with the VMAPAC Legislative Competitiveness Certificate. The recipients of the top 3 scores in the Senate and House of Delegates are honored with the VMAPAC Industrial Strength Leadership Award to recognize their exemplary commitment to Virginia’s manufacturing competitiveness.